Visiting Artist in Printmaking at Columbus College of Art and Design culminates in on-campus exhibition "Habitation"

Late nights and weekends during the last several months were busy preparing for a week long residency as a Visiting Artist in Printmaking at the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) during October 30th through November 3rd.  For the residency, I prepared several relief plates that tiled together to create a matrix of a 72" x 40" image, six unique corresponding collages, and a cardboard jig that held the plates together and provided registration for the collages.  The imagery originates from a view looking up the staircase and is titled "Looking up Jacob's Ladder."

Kathy McGhee, Professor; Division of Fine Arts and Area Coordinator in Printmaking invited me and was instrumental in providing support for the first half of this very ambitious series.  The residency culminated in a brief on-campus exhibition at the Byers Gallery titled, "Habitation," and included the work of Kathy and her students.

Special thanks to Brandon Abbott, Mike and JoHanna D'Epiro as well as Jeff and Marsha Abbott who helped with childcare during the residency week as well as general support.

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